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Saturday, September 30

 We attended at 2017 Matsushima municipality Matsushima fifth kindergarten athletic meet held in Matsushima fifth kindergarten garden.

 We attended at 2017 Matsushima municipality Matsushima first kindergarten athletic meet held in Matsushima first Elementary School school grounds.

Wednesday, September 27

 We attended at person at age road safety meet full of three two cities held in atre, ru Hall (culture sightseeing exchange hall).

Monday, September 25

 We visited home of various places where 88 years old was reached in town and presented respect for the old congratulatory gift of money and bouquet.

 We attended at Three Great Calligraphers temple festival held in the Three Great Calligraphers temple precincts.

Sunday, September 24

 We attended at the 27th Yamato mountain charity bazaar held in atre, ru Hall (culture sightseeing exchange hall).

Saturday, September 23

 We attended at Yoshinobu Sato Medal with a Blue Ribbon receiving a prize memory celebration held in Westin Hotel Sendai.

Friday, September 22

 Matsuhimakaigan of Doi revival Senior Vice Minister was barrier-free and, at JR Senseki Line Matsushima-Kaigan Station, performed correspondence to design inspection.

Thursday, September 21

 We attended at Matsushima Town woman group communication meeting third officers' meeting in 2017 held in government office meeting room.

 Departure-type, autumn road safety townsman acting as a body exercise held in purple Shinto shrine attended.

 We attended at road safety Rogation Days held in purple Shinto shrine main shrine.

Monday, September 18 Sundays and holidays

 We attended at 2017 60th Matsushima Town recreational meeting for the aged held in atre, ru Hall (Matsushima Town culture sightseeing exchange hall).

Sunday, September 17

 "2017 Nemawari inhabitant of a ward in himawarimazuridatcha!" which was held in sunflower field special event space of Nemawari We attended at this.

 We attended at ... welcome ceremony in business "Nipponmaru" of the 50th anniversary of the Ishinomaki Port opening of a port held in Ishinomaki Port major Wharf welcome Festa 2017 - autumn.

Saturday, September 16

 We attended at garden athletic meet for 2017 Matsushima municipality Matsushima second kindergarten held in Matsushima second Elementary School gymnasium, Matsushima municipality Takajo nursery school.

Tuesday, September 12

 We attended at Mayor the 31st Matsushima cup gate ball meet held in Matsushima Machiya inside and outside multi-purpose athletic ground.

Monday, September 11

 We attended at earthquake disaster revival ground golf meeting of the third change of heart held in Matsushima Town motion park multi-purpose open space.

Friday, September 8

 Every 3s founder held in Zuigan-ji Temple attended at age mourning.

Thursday, September 7

 We attended at the eleventh whole country Japanese beef ability expo Miyagi meeting held in dream Messe Miyagi.

Wednesday, September 6

 We attended at Mangetsu Ristorante X Reborn-Art DINING in Matsushima held in palace pine bank.

Saturday, September 2

 We attended at the 37th Tohoku child with a physical disability person father mother's meeting combination fair Miyagi meeting held in hotel Matsushima broad perspective-so.

 We attended at Matsushima Fanta stick music festival X Reborn-Art Festival 2017 held in Fukuura Island.

Friday, September 1

 We called Matsushima Town assembly ordinary assembly in the third in 2017.

 Page is here of Matsushima Town assembly ordinary assembly, extraordinary session of a local assembly

 It is plan until September 15 for exhibition period.