■General Administration Division

 General affairs management group, environmental disaster prevention group

■The Private School Planning Division

 Earthquake disaster revival measures room

■Finance Affairs Division

 Financial group, tax practice group, special nonpayment rearranging room

■Townsman welfare section

 Townsman service group, welfare group, child support group, each nursery school

■Healthy longevity section

 Health promotion group, elderly person support group

■Industrial Tourism Division

 Industrial development group, sightseeing group, Kanran-tei Pavilion

■Construction section

 Construction group, revival group, management group

■Accounting Division

■Water supply office

 Management group, facility group

■Board of Education Secretariat

 School education group, lifelong learning group, culture sightseeing exchange hall, working youth home

 Sports promotion center, B&G ocean center, school lunch center

 Each elementary and junior high school, each kindergarten

■City Council Secretariat

■Election Administration Commission Secretariat

General Administration Division

General affairs management group



One length and thing about secretary to vice-mayor.
Thing about unification of two prizes and commendation.
Thing about three village assemblies and communication adjustment with staff of municipalities cooperative association.
Thing about ceremony of four morning gatherings and others staff.
The appointment and dismissal, transfer, the rich, disciplinary measure of five staff, thing about reward and punishment or other social position.
Working hours of six staff, thing about vacation or other duty conditions.
Salary of seven staff, thing about the travel expenses.
Thing about the training of eight staff and culture and work performance evaluation.
Thing about welfare program of nine staff.
Thing about government affairs accident compensation of ten staff.
Thing about labor security hygiene of 11 staff.
Thing about 12 staff groups.
Thing about 13 administrative organizations and capacity management.
Thing about 14 office work division of duties.
Thing about 15 documents.
Thing about editing and issuance of collection of 16 Matsushima Town established regulation.
Thing about management of 17 official seals.
Thing about 18 notification type.
Thing about 19 information disclosure.
Thing about 20 administrative procedures.
Thing about 21 assemblies.
Thing about 22 fixed assets evaluation screening committees.
Thing about 23 conferences of a government office.
Thing about matter which does not belong to jurisdiction of other sections including communication adjustment with 24 administrative committees.

Thing about 25 sections of general affairs.


Environmental disaster prevention group



Thing about maintenance of part boundary.
Thing about promotion of bicyclic boundary beautification.
Thing about handling of sanichihan*kibutsu and weight loss.
Thing about prevention of four pollution.
Thing about complaint consultation about five living environment.
Thing about the extermination such as harmful insects affecting six living environment.
Thing about seven graveyards.
Antirabic eight; and is thing about instruction of house dog.
Thing (limited to the body accommodation.) about the accommodation such as nine injury animals .
Thing about ten hygiene associations.
Thing about 11 East Miyagi hygiene processing associations.
Thing about 12 Shiogama district environment associations.
Thing about 13 funeral halls.
Thing about 14 regional plans for disaster prevention.
Thing about setting of 15 antidisaster headquarter.
Thing about 16 firefighting teams.
Thing about maintenance plan of 17 firefighting facilities.
Thing (we remove thing concerned with certification of care need examination committee.) about 18 Shiogama firefighting office work associations .
Thing about spread of 19 road safety thought enlightenment.
Thing about 20 road safety instruction corps.
Thing about 21 road safety measures.
Thing about maintenance plan of 22 road safety facilities.
Thing about 23 crime prevention.
Thing about setting of 24 crime prevention lights and others life related facility.
Thing about 25 municipal bus.
Thing about temporary service permission of 26 cars.
Thing about communication adjustment of safety measures of life of 27 or other inhabitants and property.



The Private School Planning Division



Decide one book design, basic plan and execution plan.
Decide measure policy in each two year.
Investigate the execution situation of three office work business.
Gather result of four main measures.
Devise town plan based on use of five soil plan law.
Decide processing duties by six electron calculation organizations.
Perform maintenance of seven electron calculation organizations.
Carry out eight statistics investigations.
Establish nine statistics investigation wards.
Recommend ten statistics investigators.
You edit 11 conditions and facilities of a town handbooks, statistical documentation, and issue.
Handle office work to affect 12 northern territories.
Make 13 city schedule.
Authorize 14 excellence residential land and excellent house.

You edit stripes to wait for 15 public information, and you issue and distribute.

Perform communication with 16 news media.

Accept petition, petition for 17.

Carry out 18 town administration social gatherings.

Carry out 19 administrative counseling.

Issue proof to affect 20 restricted zones.

Perform communication adjustment with related organizations concerned with 21 land readjustment project.

Handle office work to affect recruitment of 22 self-defense officials.

Finance Affairs Division

Financial group



Thing about plan and investigation into one finance.
Thing about formation, allotment of two budgets and execution management.
Thing about three bonds.
Thing about generalization of four iron.
Things about tax outside incomes iron such as five taxes allocated to local governments.
Thing about generalization management of money of appropriation of six discretionary reserves, diversion of budget and drawing out.
Thing about setting of seven special accounts.
Thing about publication of eight financial statuses.
Thing about examination of application such as subsidies of nine towns and generalization.
Thing about generalization of ten equipment management and instruction.
Thing about management of 11 Government buildings.
Thing about generalization of management of 12 official business cars.
Thing about jusankifusai* (we remove land becoming doroshikitojigyoyoji.).
Thing about management of 14 municipal ownership forest.
Thing about 15 contract office work screening committees.

Thing about generalization of contract office work to refer to 16 contract office work screening committees.
Thing about screening of 17 contract suppliers and registration.
Thing about bids such as 18 construction and others contracts and contract office work (thing more than design price 2 million yen is best.).
Thing about inspection of 19 construction.
Thing about publication of 20 bids and contract.
Thing about insurance against loss of 21 public properties.
Thing about 22 wards of existence property special accounts.
Thing about adjustment of 23 construction and others site acquisition.
Thing about compensation of 24 site acquisition and registration office work.
Thing about notice of mark based on 25 Surveying Acts.
Thing about change of 26 characters world.
Thing about mistake corrections of result of 27 country investigations.
Thing about 28 Compulsory Purchase of Land Act (1951 law 219th).
Thing about generalization of the acquisition, management of public property not to be vested in 29 other sections and disposal.
Thing about 30 sections of general affairs.


Tax practice group



Thing about the levy collection of one tax (we include National Health Insurance tax.) and personal prefectural tax (we say "town tax" as follows.).
Thing about report of citizen of two towns tax.
Thing about evaluation of three fixed assets.
Thing about tax payment exoneration (we include collection postponement of money of collection.) of four special holding tax.
As for five existence assets, it is thing about location municipalities grant.
Thing about marks such as six motor bikes.
Thing about proof to affect seven taxes and reading of records at government and public offices.
Thing about consultation to affect eight taxes and protest.
Thing about collection postponement of money of collection to affect nine taxes and reduction of taxes.
Thing about the spread of ten tax payment thought.
Thing about 11 tax payment savings unions.

Special nonpayment rearranging room




Townsman welfare section

Townsman service group



Thing about one family register.
Thing about two Basic Resident Register.
Thing about permission of san*kaso and report born dead.
Thing about four population dynamics investigations.
Thing about five seal registrations and certification of a seal impression.
Thing about grant of six investigation of personal history and background and identification or other proof.
Thing about communication adjustment to section accompanied with seven transfer processing concerned.
Thing about eight offender lists.
Thing about storing of nine window fees (we remove thing concerned with other sections window.).
Thing about spread of ten National Health Insurance business enlightenment.
Thing about the acquisition of qualification of 11 National Health Insurance people insured and the loss.
Thing about identification of 12 National Health Insurance people insured.
Thing about payment of 13 National Health Insurance.
Thing about administration of 14 National Health Insurance business.
Thing about 15 elderly aged 75 or over medical care office work.
Thing about 16 National Health Insurance special accounts and elderly aged 75 or over medical care special accounts.
Thing about investigation about 17 national pension business and enlightenment advertising.
Thing about transfer processing of 18 national pension people insured.
Thing about acceptance such as decision bills about 19 national pension and susumitatsu.
Thing about the acquisition of qualification of person insured of 20 care insurance and the loss.
Thing about 21 sections of general affairs.

Welfare group



Handle office work to affect one child child allowance, Child Rearing Allowance and Special Child Dependent's Allowance.
Handle office work of two welfare for residential home care and welfare of persons with disabilities.
Handle office work based on three National Assistance Act.
Thing about recommendation of whole nation straight (child) committee.
Handle office work to affect original protection in five watches.
Handle office work to affect protection such as six disabled, war dead bereaved and repatriate.
Handle office work to affect pensions such as seven old officers.
Handle office work to affect eight disaster relief.
Handle office work to affect payment of nine disaster ex gratia payments and disaster condolence money.
Handle office work to affect loan such as ten disaster support funds and repayment.
Handle office work to affect 11 Japanese Red Cross Society.

Handle office work to affect welfare aid business of a lot of 12.
Handle office work to be concerned with 13 journey sick people and journey death person.
Handle office work to affect aid of 14 infants and mother and the child, motherless family medical expenses.

Handle office work to affect aid of 15 person with a disability medical expenses.

 Child support group


Thing about one child, child care support.

Thing about permission of use of two children's houses.

Thing about the collection of the fee for use of three absence home child classes.

Thing about entrance of four nursery schools.

Thing about decision of five childcare charges.

Thing about six child guidance.


Takajo nursery school




It is garden for Takajo nursery school




Matsushima nursery school




Isozaki nursery school




Children's house




Healthy longevity section
Health welfare center 022-355-0666    

Health promotion group



Thing about one health prevention and health promotion.

Thing about two health promotion business.

Three puberty, thing about adolescence health.
Thing about four maternal and child health.
Thing about five vaccinations.
Thing about six meals of livingry and nutrition instruction.
Seven mental health and medical care, thing about intractable disease consultation.
Thing about eight dentistry health.
Thing about nine holiday emergency medical treatment and community medicine.
Thing about communication adjustment with ten medical institutions.
Thing about 11 blood donation promotion.
Thing about the prevention of 12 infectious diseases.
Thing about 13 mother and the child health center and healthy hall.

Reception desk, consultation of 14 premature infant nurture medical care and upbringing medical care, thing about premature infant visit instruction.
Thing about 15 specific medical checkups, specific health instruction.

Thing about 16 elderly aged 75 or over medical care health business.

Thing about 17 area support projects (care prevention business).

Thing about 18 sections of general affairs.


Elderly person support group

 Care insurance charge

 Local Elderly Care Management Center





Thing about one health welfare center.
Thing about two elder care plan.

Thing about three respect for the old business.

Thing about four elderly people, person with a disability house maintenance fund.
Thing about five elderly person life support, purpose of life health promotion business.
Thing about support such as six hitorigurashi old men.
Thing about seven nursing home for the elderly entrance measures.
Thing about eight community care meetings.
Thing about nine day services center (designated management).
Thing about ten care services business special accounts.
Thing about house of 11 old man contact.
Thing about spread of 12 care insurance business enlightenment.
Thing about 13 care insurance administration.
Thing about identification of 14 care insurance people insured.
Thing about levy of premium of 15 insured of the first kind and the collection.
Thing about payment of 16 care insurance.
Thing about development of 17 care insurance business plans.
Thing about communication adjustment with Shiogama district firefighting office work association that it affects certification of care need of 18 care insurance.
19 support required, thing about application and investigation into certification for long-term care.
Thing about 20 care insurance special accounts.
Thing about 21 Local Elderly Care Management Centers.
Thing about 22 area support projects.

Thing about company designation, instruction of 23 community-based services and community-based care preventive service and supervision.

Thing about 24 care payment costs adequacy business.

House (Takajo) of contact




House (Matsushima) of smile


House (Tetaru) of Hidamari 022-353-3171    
Industrial Tourism Division

Industrial development group



Thing about promotion of one agriculture.
Thing about two farming production measures business.
Thing about agriculture in flatland, bogland and a mountainous region business financing facility.
Thing about upbringings such as scholars of scholar of four authorization agriculture, leading figure agriculture.
Thing about five farm products pest prevention and domestic animal prevention of epidemics.
Thing about six agriculture groups.
Thing about seven agriculture promotion area maintenance plan.
Thing about eight ho ground maintenance business.
Thing (permission of joint enforcement business) about nine reclamation.
Thing (concerned with agricultural cooperatives.) about proposal of objection to affect permission of ten substitute lot plans and change permission and substitute lot plan decision .
Thing (concerned with agricultural cooperatives.) about advertisement of 11 disposal of replotting .
Thing about 12 articles of Inuma farm village environment improvement center and house of farm village woman.
Thing about promotion of 13 fishery.
14 culture fishery, thing about fresh-water fishery.
Thing about promotion of 15 forestry.
Thing about upbringing instruction of 16 forestry.
Thing about maintenance of 17 forest.
Thing about report of 18 felling.
Thing about 19 pine stake insect prevention business.
Thing about 20 gamekeeping and hunting.
Thing about group of 21 fishery and forestry.

Thing about promotion of 22 commerce and industry.
Thing about financing facility of 23 medium and small-sized businesses.

Thing about 24 consumer life and consumers consultation.
Thing about communication adjustment with 25 business and industry society and affiliate.
Thing about financing facility of 26 workers.
27 deletion
Thing about 28 employment promotion.
Thing about 29 people's life stability emergency measures.
Thing about corners such as 30 life connection supplies and emergency measure for baiseki stain.
Thing about 31 sections of general affairs.

Sightseeing group



Thing about promotion of one sightseeing.
Thing about invitation of two tourists.
Maintenance plan of three tourist facilities, thing about maintenance.
Thing about four International Tourist.
Thing about five international exchanges.
Thing about communication adjustment with six Tourism Association and affiliate.
Thing about seven Kanran-tei Pavilion and Matsushima Museum.
Thing about trust office work of eight prefectures of managed parking lots.
Things about special accounts such as nine Kanran-tei Pavilion.


Kanran-tei Pavilion




Construction section

Construction group



Thing about one road, new establishment of bridge and improvement.
Two narrows match; thing about road.
Thing about disaster restoration of three community engineering works facilities.
Thing about four reclamation business (ho ground maintenance business is excluded.).
Thing about facility maintenance business for five agriculture.
Thing about six farm village synthesis maintenance business.

Thing about construction of seven fishing ports and others fisheries facility maintenance business.
Thing about the enforcement of disaster-relief project of eight farmland and facility or other municipal ownership facilities (we include education property.) for agriculture.
Thing about maintenance construction of nine firefighting facilities and road safety facility.
Thing about the enforcement of ten reconstruction contracts (thing concerned with refuge road is best.).


Revival group 022-354-2132  

Thing about the enforcement of one reconstruction contracts.

Engineering works, thing about the enforcement of building works that we received commission by rule of two or other financial regulation (1984 Matsushima Town rule fifth) Article 18.


Management group



Thing about authorization, the abolition of one way and management.

Thing about designation of two application with necessary changes rivers and management of river.

Thing about maintenance repair of three elements road and bridge.
Thing about management of four coastal protection areas.

Five worlds where people go according to their karma way, river, thing about communication adjustment with affiliate of river improvement.

Thing about plan of six council houses and management.
Thing about management of seven council houses and decision of resident.
Thing about the collection such as eight council house fee for use.
Thing about management of facility which we established in the regulations (the 2006 Matsushima Town regulations 21st) about setting of nine meeting facilities and management.
Thing about management of park which we established in the regulations (1970 Matsushima Town notification 47th) about setting of ten children's parks and management and the farm village Park regulations (the 1993 Matsushima Town regulations 19th) and Tetaru beach park and public toilet.
Thing about management of 11 bicycle bicycle parking lots and the fee for use.
Thing about management of 12 fishing ports and others fisheries facility.

Thing about spread to inhabitants of 13 earthquakes measures and earthquake-resistant diagnosis, seismic strengthening business of public facilities and general house.
Thing about the site acquisition to affect 14 reconstruction contracts and registration office work.

Thing about maintenance of 15 terrestrial digital broadcast shortage seeing and hearing measures facility.

Thing about 16 sections of general affairs.

Accounting Division



Thing about ichishunyuchotei, examination of expenditure order and the receipt and disbursement.
Thing about confirmation of two budget expenditure.
Thing about the receipt and disbursement of three cash (we include cash vested in securities paid replacing with cash and foundation.) and storage.
Thing about four designation financial institutions.
Thing about adjustment of five financial statements.
Thing about the receipt and disbursement of six belongings of a priest product and storage (storage to affect used article is excluded.).
Thing about record management of seven cash and property.

Water supply office

Management group



Office work about waterworks

Thing about management of one water supply business.

Thing about organization mechanism of two offices and office work improvement.
Thing about receipt, shipment, editing of three sentences book and preservation.
Thing about management of four official seals.
Thing about five financial programs and financial plan.
Thing about generalization of the budget for six water supply business accounts and financial statements.
Thing about seven incomes and expenditure.
Thing about eight company bonds and short-term loan.
Thing about receipt and disbursement storage of nine cash, securities and real rights granted by way of security.
Thing about ten receipt and disbursement and storing handling financial institution.
Thing about generalization management of 11 company property.
Thing about maintenance of 12 Government buildings and equipment.
Thing about contracts such as 13 articles and disposal.
Thing about the acceptance and handling of use of 14 water supply reports of relationships.
Thing about measurement of use of 15 quantity of water and authorization.
Thing about chotei of 16 rates.
Thing about disposal of storing such as 17 rates and overpayment.
Thing about reduction of taxes such as 18 rates and loss disposal.
Thing about 19 water supply stops and processing.
Thing about designation of 20 designation water supply equipment construction companies.
Thing about maintenance of 21 radio.


Office work about the sewer

Thing about management of a set water supply business.

Thing about the purpose spread of two sewers business.
Thing about generalization of the budget for petty underling Channel business special accounts and financial statements.
Thing about four sewer industrial bonds.
Five beneficiary contributions, thing about the levy collection of sewerage system usage fee.
Thing about financing mediation of six flush lavatory remodeling funds and interest supply.
Thing about designation of seven official recognition suppliers and registration of drainage responsible technical manager.
Thing about general affairs of eight offices.


Facility group



Office work about waterworks

Thing about plan of one water supply facility.

Design construction of expansion of a type of radical way facility and improved construction, thing about supervision.
Thing about anti-disaster measures of three water supply facilities.
Thing about maintenance of four water pipes network.
Thing about maintenance of five water supply facilities.
Thing about making maintenance of six construction account books and completion plan.
Thing about application of inquiry to affect seven construction and government office reports.
Thing about repair construction such as hachikodonaido, so, water pipe.
Thing about suspension of water supply observer concerned with kyudo, so, water pipe construction.
Thing about application such as ten water supply equipment construction and examination.
Thing about supervision of 11 water supply equipment construction and inspection.
Thing about management of 12 water supply equipment account books.
Thing about procurement of 13 shelf wholesale assets and withdrawal.
Thing about management of 14 water meters.
Thing about exchange construction of 15 water meters.
Thing about prevention of leak of water plan and leak of water investigation into jurokuso, water pipe and service pipe.
Thing about water pressure investigation into 17 water pipes and service pipe.
Thing about management of figure of juhachido, so, water pipe and service pipe pipe network.
Thing about technical guidance of 19 designation water supply equipment construction companies.
Thing about suspension of water supply observer concerned with 20 water supply equipment construction.
Thing about fee to affect 21 water supply equipment construction and admission fee.
Thing about repair to affect 22 water supply construction.
Thing about contract contracts such as 23 construction.
Thing about environmental conservation such as 24 water source wells and water purification plant.
Thing about maintenances such as 25 water sources and clean water facilities and repair.
Things about driving of pump such as 26 water intake and water supply.
Receive 27 water intake, thing about plan of quantity of water supply and water supply and record.
Thing about 28 examination of water and record.
Thing about prevention of maintenance duties of 29 electrician crops and disaster.
Office work about the sewer
Thing about communication adjustment with plans of business such as a set water supply and section concerned.
Thing about discussion of two sewers business.
Thing about investigation, design, construction to affect construction of petty underling Channel facility and repair and supervision.
Thing about maintenance of four sewer account books and storage.
Thing about five merger processing septic tank setting business.
Thing about installation of the sewer in six private roads.
Thing about private use of seven sewer sites.
Thing about driving of eight Purification Centers and management.
Thing about driving of nine broadcast pumping stations and rainwater pumping station and management.
Thing about examination of water of ten discharge water.
Maintenance such as juichishitasuidokankyo and rainwater roads, thing about management.
Thing about setting such as 12 drainage facilities and setting of specific facility.
Thing about setting of jusanjogaihodokoshi*.
Thing about the acceptance such as 14 beginning to use.
Thing about 15 joint drainage setting assistance.

Board of Education Secretariat Education Section

School education group



Thing about meeting of one Board of Education.
Thing about ceremony, commendation of two Board of Education and association.
Thing about three notification type and instruction.
Four Board of Education rule, thing about examination of official order or other important documents.
Thing about organization mechanism of five secretariat and educational institution, capacity management and office work efficiency.
Thing about management of six sentences book.
The appointment and dismissal, the rich, disciplinary measure of seven staff, thing about service or other personnel affairs.
Thing about the training of eight staff and welfare program.
Thing about generalization of the budget for nine secretariat and educational institution and financial statements.
Thing about general planning and coordination affecting ten educational administrations.
Thing about generalization of management of 11 education property.
Thing about 12 scholarships.
Thing about communication adjustment with 13 Board of Education affiliates.
Office work bureau of 14 mayors, thing about communication with assembly or other engines.
Thing about adjustment in 15 secretariat.
Thing about setting of 16 schools and the abolition.
Thing about 17 school districts.
Thing about School Attendance of 18 child students.
Thing about shuen of 19 infants.
Thing about 20 classes of organization.
Thing about support of 21 School Attendance and encouragement.
Thing about 22 curricula, learning instruction and student instruction.
Thing about the book or other teaching materials for 23 subjects.
Thing about 24 special support education.
Thing about 25 school hygiene and school security.
Thing about maintenance of 26 school facilities.
Thing about 27 school attending school road safety measures.
Thing about upbringing of 28 school education affiliates and instruction.
Thing about administration instruction of 29 municipality kindergartens, school and school lunch center.
Thing about 30 sections of general affairs.

Lifelong learning group



Thing about meeting of Hitotsumatsu Shimacho member of a social education committee and Matsushima Town cultural properties protection Committee.
Plan, investigation about two lifelong learning, thing about adjustment.
Thing about three adult education, women's education and development of youth education measure.
Thing about administration instruction of four social education facilities.
Upbringing of five social education affiliates, thing about instruction.
Plan, investigation about six society physical education, thing about adjustment.
Thing about administration instruction of seven society physical education facility.
Upbringing of EIGHT CO-OPERATIVE BUYING CO.,LTD physical education affiliate, thing about instruction.
The history of nine towns, survey by folks, thing about study.
Designation of ten cultural property, thing about protection utilization.
Thing about administration instruction of 11 Matsushima Town culture sightseeing exchange halls, Matsushima Town sports promotion center and Matsushima Town B & G ocean center.
Thing about management administration of 12 microbuses.
Thing about management of 13 articles of Inuma reclamation museums.

Culture sightseeing exchange hall



Thing about plan, investigation, adjustment about one society education and conduct.
Thing about conduct of business to affect two adult education, women's education and youth education.
Thing about plan conduct of three public halls business.
Thing about maintenance of facility of four public halls and administration.
Thing about spread of five public hall activities advertising.
Thing about use management of FIG. 6 book and book-reading activities.
Thing about management administration of seven seeing and hearing libraries.
Thing about communication adjustment with EIGHT CO-OPERATIVE BUYING CO.,LTD education group and affiliate.
Thing about instruction for nine public hall annex activities and advice.
Thing about general affairs of ten culture sightseeing exchange halls.
Thing about instruction for groups using 11 field service facilities.
Thing about maintenance of maintenance area modifying oldness and construction business in areas of forest of 12 long pines garden Shinrinkoen townsman.
Thing about general affairs of 13 field service facilities.

Working youth home




Sports promotion center



Thing about making of plan about promotion of one sport.
As for enhancement of two sports leaders, maintenance of facility, the conduct of outdoor sport event (we remove thing belonging to marine center.), it is thing about sports promotion.
Thing about three athletic meets, competition, holding of meeting for other physical education instruction and encouragement.
Thing about four physical education and offer of facility, machine parts necessary for rekurieshon and document.
Thing about information exchange of five society physical education and research.
Thing about six physical education instruction committees.
Thing about instruction for seven sports affiliates and support.
Thing about operational management of Yatsumatsu Island movement park and Matsushima townsman ground and Matsushima townsman gymnasium.
Thing about general affairs of nine sports promotion centers.

B&G ocean center



Things about promotion of sports such as conduct of one Inside Sports and oceanic climate sports business.
Thing about plan conduct of two ocean center business.
Thing about maintenance of facility of three ocean center and administration.
Thing about general affairs of four ocean center.

School lunch center



Thing about menu making of one school lunch.
Thing about procurement of supplies for two lunch.
Thing about council for three school lunch center administration.
Thing about cooking duties of four school lunch center.
Thing about maintenance of five school lunch center.
Thing about six school lunch fees.
Thing about general affairs of seven school lunch center.

Matsushima Junior High School




Matsushima first Elementary School




Matsushima second Elementary School




Matsushima fifth Elementary School




Matsushima first kindergarten




Matsushima second kindergarten




Matsushima fifth kindergarten




City Council Secretariat



Thing about one meeting and committee meeting.
Thing about all two meeting.
Thing about three petitions and petition.
Thing about report of handling of four decision matters and meeting result.
Thing about preparation of five minutes and committee or other records.
Thing about six hearing.
Thing about research such as seven laws and ordinances and regulations.
Thing about bills of member of eight exceptions of mitigation and remission presentation.
Thing about collection of a lot of nine documents.
Thing about issuance of ten assembly public information paper.
Thing about 11 personnel affairs.
Thing about management of 12 official seals.
Thing about receipt, shipment of 13 documents and rearranging preservation.
14 ceremonies, thing about association.
Thing about reward of Representative Togo and expense compensation.
Thing about 16 budgets, financial statements and accounting.
Thing about the purchase, the receipt and disbursement of 17 articles and storage.
Thing about 18 assembly books.
Thing about management of each 19 assembly halls and others assembly room concerned.
Thing about the 20 or other proceedings and research.

Election Administration Commission Secretariat