There is Matsushima Town in the shore part center of Miyagi and is located in approximately 20 kilometers of northeast of Sendai-shi, and 50% of town area 53.56 square kilometers in area are the forest around Matsushima hill.
Hill rises and falls in the northern part, and residential area spreads out in southern low land, and the Yoshida River drifts from the west to the east, and Takajo river flows into flow Matsushima-Wan to the north and south in town Naruse River at the north end.
Climate belongs to Pacific coast climate, and, by climate that annual average temperature is 11 degrees Celsius to 12 degrees Celsius, and is relatively warm, snowfall is few towns in the Tohoku district.
It is counted in the three most beautiful views in Japan and, at eminent sightseeing spots of the whole country, is appointed in particular in natural beauty spot, prefectural nature park.
In addition, it is town of the history that cultural heritage such as national treasure Zuigan-ji Temple is left in each place in the town block.
As well as sightseeing spot, space where Matsushima Town blessed with the sea and river, space of rest full of nature including village forest heals heart of inhabitants can realize overflow, living with moisture.
Commencing with tourism, agriculture and forestry business, fishery, various industry including commerce and industry develop in a good balance and support vitality of town with industry.
By traffic, there are seven JR Senseki Line, Tohoku Main Line stations in total in town, and it is used for commuting, attending school by access to various places throughout the prefecture being convenient.
Furthermore, municipal bus goes round the whole area in the town block and links the town as foot of inhabitants. We go to Sanriku traversing Expressway and main national highway, prefectural road and take important role in distribution, information, life.


  38°22'N 141°4'EMap)



  14,421 (H27 national census)



  5,112 households (H27 national census)