Town Mayor Greetings

  Ancient people (we do to be with prawns) come, and three most beautiful views in Japan Matsushima that continues attracting many people faces Matsushima-Wan where the coast central part of Miyagi, more than 260 islands float and there is much high cultural heritage of value historically and is appointed the natural beauty that Matsushima hill and the four seasons to surround gulf weave in special natural beauty spot of country.

 Matsushima-Wan joined "World's Most Beautiful Bays Club" for the first time in Japan in "the ninth World's Most Beautiful Bays Club world meeting" held in Kingdom of Cambodia Kampot in 2013.

 In addition, in 2015, approach of "scenery town development by inhabitants participation in planning" of Honcho won cityscape award of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, and activity to succeed scenery which inhabitants yearned and enjoyed to the future received high evaluation.

 Charm that there is many in beautiful scenery and the working of people sighing there, rich farm products and marine products, Matsushima Town including many tourist attractions which magnificent nature produces overflows. We wait for all of you nookoshioo for heart of bright smile and warm hospitality.






It was born in November 26, 1949

From Matsushima-cho
We are a graduate from Miyagi agricultural high school

Matsushima Junior High School alumni association's vice-chairperson




1982 company establishment

1994 president appointment

2012 chairperson appointment

Matsushima Town congressist (the fifth)

Matsushima Town parliamentary speaker (the second)
Agatacho-mura, Miyagi parliamentary speaker society inspector

2 cities and 3 towns chairperson corps communication meeting inspector

Miyagi, Kurokawa district Town and Village Assembly chairperson society's vice-chairperson

Director of Agatacho-mura, Miyagi parliamentary speaker society

Association of Miyagi District PTA society's vice-chairperson

Association of Matsushima Town PTA society's chairperson

Matsushima Town junior high school PTA's chairperson

Matsushima Town third Elementary School PTA's chairperson