On Thursday, October 5, we carry out blood donation in Matsushima Town Office!


  We appreciate your always cooperating with blood donation.

  Blood which had all of you cooperate is sent to patient needing blood transfusion at hospital mainly.

 <the present conditions of Matsushima Town> 

  Blood volumes to be required in Miyagi increase, but lack blood donation that recognition can cooperate with blood donation low in town. Nationwide

  Cooperators of youth decrease and are the situation with a few cooperators particularly in their 30s in Miyagi.

  <policy of this year>

  It is whole blood blood donation of 400 ml and 200 ml to carry out by blood donation, but, as for the blood used at hospital, 400 ml are often found.

      Thus, even Matsushima Town will push forward "9545ACTION!" aiming at 45 people because of 400 ml of blood donation 95%, mobile blood bank one (by daily blood donation).

  Except student blood donation, we ask for cooperation of 400 ml of blood donation.


  Blood donation does not only give blood, and the warm heart comes. Miyagi will widen ring of warm heart from Matsushima.

  I would like cooperation understanding to blood donation!



[going to carry out whole blood blood donation (400 ml) in Matsushima Town in 2017]

   ※Blood donation meeting place which is more available to the public

Scheduled conduct date  Reception hours      Conduct place  
Tuesday, June 27, 2017 From 15:00 to 16:30


Thursday, October 5

From 10:00 to 12:00

From 13:00 to 14:00

 Matsushima Town Office

Thursday, December 21  From 15:00 to 16:30


Sunday, February 4, 2018

From 9:00 to 12:30

From 13:30 to 15:00

 Oyster festival meeting place

  (Matsuhimakaigan green open space)

Thursday, March 29  From 15:00 to 16:30  Matsushima Town Office

 ・・Procedure of ・ blood donation ... (whole blood blood donation is around 20 minutes from reception desk to the end.)


   Reception desk → → → → Interview, blood pressure measurement → → → → Examination for blood specific gravity


   Blood donation (drawing blood), break → → → → → → → We issue blood donation cardWe do and are the end. Thank you.


 Drawing blood standard revises after an interval of 12 years from April 1, 2011

1. We extended age of person who could cooperate with blood donation

 (1). Only for man, 400 ml of whole blood blood donation came to be possible from "17 years old".

  As a result of having performed inspection from medical standpoint about drawing blood standard of 400 ml of 17-year-old whole blood blood donation only for man, a drawing blood standard of 17 years old man was revised because the incidence of drawing blood side effect did not have difference.

 (2). Only for man, the age upper limit of possible platelet ingredient blood donation became "69 years old" from "54 years old".

  One from 65 years old to 69 years old is limited to blood donation with experience by 64 years old from 60 years old.

2. We perform by inspection before drawing bloodWe raised lower limit level of Hb (hemoglobin concentration).

 (1). Only for man, we raised complexion quantal lower limit level of one that was available for 200 ml of whole blood blood donation to "12.5 g/dL" from "12 g/dL".

 (2). Only for man, we raised complexion quantal lower limit level of one that was available for 400 ml of whole blood blood donation to "13 g/dL" from "12.5 g/dL".

  ※Complexion elementary quality (hemoglobin concentration) means deepness in red blood cell in blood.

3. Drawing blood standard according to blood donation method

  Whole blood blood donation
  400 ml of blood donation 200 ml of blood donation
Quantity of one blood donation 400 ml 200 ml
Age Man: It is 69 years old, woman from 17: It is 69 years old from 18 It is 69 years old from 16 years old
The weight With man and woman more than 50 kg Man: More than 45 kg, it is woman: More than 40 kg
Systolic blood pressure More than 90mmHg
Complexion pigment

Man: More than 13 g/dL

Woman: 12. More than 5 g/dL

Man: 12. More than 5 g/dL

Woman: More than 12 g/dL

The annual blood donation number of times Man: Less than three times, woman less than two times Man: Less than six times, woman: Less than four times
Annual Match 200 ml of blood donation with 400 ml; and male 1, 200 ml, woman less than 800 ml

※To the first blood donor, we install DVD of contents which established important point in how to spend and instructions before and after blood donation in blood donation reception desk in each blood donation meeting place.




After blood donation, can you come back immediately in everyday life?


There is individual difference in our internal blood volume, but, as for the man, approximately 8%, woman of the weight are said to be approximately 7%.

There is no problem in body medically even if less than 15% of internal blood volume are lost as for the ordinary person.

As quantity of one blood donation is 400mL or 200mL at the time of whole blood blood donation, you can live an everyday life except that you avoid having with intense sports on the day of the blood donation and heavy baggage.



Can you donate blood even if you have pierced?


Because infection such as virus is thought about from place where pierced earrings made a hole in, we have you refrain from blood donation in the case of others for one year for at least one month when you open with medical institution or disposable appliance.



When you take medicine, can you donate blood?


Taken person cannot donate blood of antibiotics and painkilling antifebrile within three days. This is because infectious disease is caused, and drug may adversely affect function of platelet. When we take other drugs, we may not donate blood under the influence of disease and medicine.


  Inquiry about blood donation is ...


  To "Matsushima Town health longevity section health promotion group"

              Tel. 022-355-0703