In Matsushima Town, we deliver important information having high emergency such as disaster information or suspicious individual, crime information such as earthquake, storm and flood damage by email.

 For security, relief of living, please register.

Service summary 

 Matsushima Town

Delivery contents


Weather information

Information about announcement of warning, warning, special warning

Disaster prevention

Information about disaster and refuge (evacuation advisory, evacuation order)

Earthquake information

Information about outbreak of earthquake

Security information

Case, accident, suspicious individual information, attention in ensuring safety of child


Information (witness information, suspension of water supply information of bear) with other emergency

 Registration method

New registration

(1) 05888@nopamail.jpWe send email of the sky to "

  ※Please transmit from terminals such as cell-phones in hope of mail delivery.

  ※Please send title, the text as blanks.


When you make unwanted e-mail measures, please set to be able to receive email before registration from "@".   

When this "QR code" is used, person having bar code leader cell-phone with function is convenient.

(2) We access URL from reply email and push button to "next" after confirming Terms of Use

(3) We input "password" and "registration name" for registration and push "confirmation" button

(4) We confirm contents and push "registration" button (the email reception of "information for registration completion")

※Registration completion

Registration information change, delivery stop

(1) With PCs access URL of "

(2) We input "e-mail address" and "password"

(3) You change according to instructions of screen, and please file

  ※In the case of procedure of change, delivery stop, there is no transmission of confirmation email.

When this "QR code" is used, person having bar code leader cell-phone with function is convenient.



  • Registration for free. But communication fee that the email reception costs of user burden.
  • Information necessary for registration becomes only e-mail address.
  • We may not use registered e-mail address for other things.