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To all of you thinking of a settling in Matsushima Town

How about living in place to familiarize yourself with its history, culture and nature?

 The scene of Matsushima Town is counted as one of the three most beautiful views that are considered as a symbol of the Japanese aesthetic sense and it is also praised by the famous poet MATSUO Basho as good from Fuso first. In addition, the natural and beautify scenery changes throughout the seasons within which a number of cultural heritage of high value to the history and science remained untouched. As such it has been designated as the country's special scenic beauty.
If you take a walk into the town, you can feel the atmosphere of Teramchi particularly Zuigan-ji Temple of Yukari Date masamune, Museums, art galleries etc. It also has the touch of historical and cultural town.
Found at the heart of Miyagi prefecture, Matsushima is just about 25 minute by train from Sendai City. Tohoku Main Line and Senseki Line runs through the town and it has also been blessed with a road traffic environment such as the main national road No.45 and Main prefectoral road, Sanriku Expressway making it easy to commute to other areas within the prefecture.
We are also many parks, sports facilities, outdoor facilities, cultural facilities tor revitalize your life as well as an environment to nurture children.
You can tour around Matsushima Bay in a sightseeing boat. You can also enjoy leisure such yacht and fishing. It is also has a lot of services and facilities such as health and welfare facilities.
Life Stage in which you live in a historical, cultural and naturally rich town. Matsushima Town is looking forward to welcome you with in its warm-hearted hospitality and bright smile.

Settlement Q&A

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Matsushima Town Office 〒981-0215 kyujogummatsushimachokojojikaesameiinshitaichi 19-1Map) 

Tel: 022-354-5701 (main) Fax: 022-354-3140 

Main E-mail


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