Empty house, vacant land (residential land) information

 By this business providing information such as available land as house becoming empty house in Matsushima Town and lease house, residential land,
 We offer those information to person who is looking for house, land of Matsushima Town and carry out for the purpose of planning effectively utilizing and local activation such as empty houses.


 In town, we introduce information, but do not perform intermediation act about negotiations, contract about lease, buying and selling of owner, manager and article to perform among use applicants. In addition, in town, we do not take responsibility about the damage that trouble and user whom we occurred in negotiations with confirmation, owner of article and contract put on at all. Please solve troubles about contracts between the people concerned.
  In addition, information offering tries to provide the latest information, but please note that time may suffer until we perform update.

To owners of article

1.In the case of new publication hope

 As you accept new publication at any time, please contact department in charge of reference.

 (Application style is here [40KB doc file] )

2.In the case of change hope of publication contents

 We change publication contents at any time. If publication contents have hope such as mistake or contents change, please contact department in charge of reference.

Information such as empty houses

 vacant-house banks

 Vacancy information is here

 House information is here

 Land information is here

 In office, the store, it is information is here


 Other empty houses, information of vacant lands

 Association of whole country association of residential land building business society article search site


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