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Mayor belief expression
Administrative policy
Mayor expense account
Mayor action record

Disaster prevention
Holiday emergency care
Medical institution in the town block

Service summary
Registration method

Garbage classification, recycling
Pet & Animal
Municipal bus timetable
Townsman consultation
Consumer life consultation

Town Overview
Organization guidance
Facilities Guide
Statistical data
Various plans
Established regulations

Auctions & Contracts
Ordering, advertisement
Business Information
Community-based service designation candidate company

Family register, resident's card relations
Tax relations
Care relations
Facility relations
Water supply, sewer relations
City planning, scenery plan relations
Land development relations
Domiciliation information relations
Homepage banner ad relations

The damage situation
The revival situation
Radiation dose result of a measurement
Security, rebuilding assistance of house
Support to life
Medium and small-sized business, independent businessman, worker support
Various reduction of taxes, educational assistance
Donation, contribution
Various proof
Various consultation

Hometown tax system


Population and household


As of the end of July, 2018
A population of 14,267 people of town
6,921 men

7,346 women
5,645 households of number of the households

The end of July, 2018 


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Attention information

We look for from life event

Procedures depending on event in life

  • Delivery, child care
  • Admission, entrance to school
  • Employment, the retirement
  • Marriage/divorce
  • House, moving
  • Lifestyle
  • The welfare, care
  • Condolences


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Matsushima Town Office 〒981-0215 kyujogummatsushimachokojojikaesameiinshitaichi 19-1Map) 

Tel: 022-354-5701 (main) Fax: 022-354-3140 

Main E-mail


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